• Dana Bosch BIO

    Divine Earth Mother & Guardian of Healing Art

    Since the 1990s, Dana Bosch has embarked on a transformative journey through the realms of energy healing, beginning her illustrious career with intensive training in Reiki and Healing Touch. Known affectionately by many as the "Divine Earth Mother," Dana possesses a profound connection to nature and an innate ability to work harmoniously with numerous plant allies. Her unique approach is not just about healing; it's an adventurous exploration into the depths of the soul, guiding those who might hesitate at the thresholds of their inner worlds.

    Dana’s expertise extends beyond the traditional realms. She is a seasoned practitioner of various Shamanic modalities, embodying the wisdom she imparts. Her life is a testament to the teachings she shares, actively participating in ceremonies, and constantly enriching her understanding through her healing journey. This personal evolution empowers her to create a sacred space for others, facilitating profound transformations as they navigate their own paths of healing.

    In her sessions, Dana demonstrates an exceptional ability to hold deep, present space, marked by divine reverence. Her presence is a sanctuary, providing a sense of being held, contained, and nourished. As you work with Dana, you will uncover and peel back layers of your being, each step marked by her compassionate guidance and profound insight.

    As a Master Healer, Dana not only practices but also imparts her wisdom through teaching, offering retreats that are both enlightening and restorative. These retreats are more than just an escape; they are immersive experiences that connect individuals to the healing powers of the earth and the energy within themselves.

    Dana Bosch stands as a devotee to this earth, dedicating her life to offering healing wherever and whenever possible. Her practice is not just a service but a calling – to touch lives, heal souls, and nurture the collective journey towards wellness and enlightenment.

    For appointments, retreat information, or to embark on your own journey of healing with Dana, please contact her through the contact page on this website.



  • My Why

    My goal is to bring reverence to the dying process by facilitating conscious conversations about the feelings surrounding death, dying and loss. I bring light, compassion, love, but mostly more ease and understanding to the transition in life shared by all.


    My 38 year spiritual journey and experience dealing with grief began at the age of 20 when I accompanied my fathers death. My daughter's dad died unexpectedly and then the disappearance and murder investigation of my son in 2016. I realized I was missing the tools and skills to process and transcend grief.


    Recovering from grief requires moving through difficult emotions to achieve acceptance and peace. It also requires tools, skills and a guide.


    My services are designed to provide a path to make it easier to confront the past and move positively into the future or to provide, for those ready to pass on, clarity and comfort in transition.




    28 years working with people in a variety of conditions and settings including:

    • mental health group homes
    • recovery homes
    • palliative care
    • homeless population
    • yoga classes
    • home support
    • spa practitioner

    Working with people in these helping and healing fields has shown me what is important in in this life and what we all will experience before it is our time to leave our earth body. Connection, compassion, and being seen, heard, and understood are necessary for the evolution of our well-being.  

  • Training


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    • Death Doula
    • Substance Abuse Counselor Certificate
    • Life Skills Coach
    • Health Care Aide Certificate
    • Hospice Volunteer Training
    • Traumatic Loss Support Group Facilitator Training
    • Enhanced Bereavement Training
    • Reiki Levels 1, 2 & 3
    • Healing Touch Levels 1 & 2
    • Kundalini Yoga Teacher
    • Plant Medicine Facilitator
    • Psylicybin Therapy Facilitator



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    Some evenings available
    250 258 6898