• About ME

    My purpose and intention is to relieve suffering for individuals and families dealing with death and dying, consciously. I serve as a guide and facilitator for a peaceful, gentle crossing transforming grief into acceptance.

    My Why

    My goal is to bring reverence to the dying process by facilitating conscious conversations about the feelings surrounding death, dying and loss. I bring light, compassion, love, but mostly more ease and understanding to the transition in life shared by all.


    My 38 year spiritual journey and experience dealing with grief began at the age of 20 when I accompanied my fathers death. My daughter's dad died unexpectedly and then the disappearance and murder investigation of my son in 2016. I realized I was missing the tools and skills to process and transcend grief.


    Recovering from grief requires moving through difficult emotions to achieve acceptance and peace. It also requires tools, skills and a guide.


    My services are designed to provide a path to make it easier to confront the past and move positively into the future or to provide, for those ready to pass on, clarity and comfort in transition.




    28 years working with people in a variety of conditons and settings including:

    • mental health group homes
    • recovery homes
    • palliative care
    • homeless population
    • yoga classes
    • home support
    • spa practitioner

    Working with people in these helping and healing fields has shown me what is importantin in this life and what we all will experience before it is our time to leave our earth body. Connection, compassion, being seen, heard and understood are necessesary for the evolution of our wellbeing.






  • Training


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    • Death Doula
    • Substance Abuse Counselor Certificate
    • Life Skills Coach
    • Health Care Aide Certificate
    • Hospice Volunteer Training
    • Traumatic Loss Support Group Facilitator Training
    • Enhanced Bereavment Training
    • Reiki Levels 1 & 2
    • Healing Touch Levels 1 & 2
    • Kundalini Yoga Teacher
    • Plant Medicine Facilitator
    • Psylicybin Therapy Facilitator



  • Services


    Advanced Care Planning

    Are you or your loved ones facing death?


    When we are faced with our own death or that of a loved one, being prepared removes alot of stress. As your end of life specialist I offer support and guidance as we discuss all areas to help you prepare and make the required medical, financial, legal and personal decisions. Each situation is personal and treated with care and consideration.


    Questions to reflect on:

    • What is a good death?
    • What are the funeral and burial options?
    • What legal and medical forms do I need to think about?
    • Who is able to do vigil?
    • What spiritual/religious influence do I want?
    • What do I need to finish or bring closure to?
    • What can I delegate and who is willing and able to help through this process?

    As your end of life specialist I will inform you of all options and support you in making choices that are best for you.


    Basic package

    1. Gain clarity on what decisions need to be made and how to make them given each

    unique situation.

    2. Review the options pre-during and post death.

    3. Develop a solid plan on how you and your family will handle each stage.

    You will receive a resource page with the required forms.

    5 hours

    Planning: $380

    Additional services billed at an hourly rate.

    Holistic Therapies

    Managing anxiety and stress is a proactive way to ensure health and vitality. My holistic therapies include guided meditation, breathwork, sound therapy and energy healing to achieve a state of calm relaxation and centredness.


    Shamanic healing sessions will clear density, balance chakras and activate clarity and vitality. these sessions are in person or remote. $90 per hour


    I also work with Plant Medicines to assist with fear and anxiety at end of life or help to process grief.


    Please ask me for more information on these offerings.



    Grief Support

    Grief support, coaching or counseling means being heard, validated and supported though a very complex emotional experience. As your end of life specialist I hold space for you and family members who are ready and willing to transform the suffering into a growth experience.

    New ways of thinkig and feeling are facilitted by tools and skills to heal and find comfort in your journey through grief. Find inner peace and meaning in the loss you have experienced.


    Additional services billed at an hourly rate. Coaching support in moving through the dying process and grief personally or collectively as a


    Coaching package: 10 hrs $750


    Vigil Care

    You are dying and need strong support and so do your loved ones. I work with and organize a team to hold space for you so you will not be alone during the final phase of life. I will fill in any gaps around your support system and the palliative care team. This time is most precious as the soul is leaving the body and connecting to the other side.


    Vigil and Grief support bundle: planning, vigil team, personal presence as a guide, bereavement, and grief support during or after. Ten hours $750

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    Initial consult to develop a plan 2 hrs


    Advanced care planning package 5 hrs


    Grief support and Vigil care 10 hrs


    Custom packages 15 or 20 hrs @ $70 per hour

    Info and discovery workshop for preperation and planning.

    Get educated before you become elderly or ill.

    4-8 people. 2.5 hours $130




  • Book a 30 minute courtesy call to discuss your needs

    Kelowna BC
    Please call or text to setup a clarity call
    Flexible hours
    Some evenings available
    250 258 6898