• Testimonials

    Dear D,

    It's difficult to express in words, but please know I have deep abiding gratitude for the loving and gentle care you so generously gave to mum.

    You have a great capacity for love and your spirit is true. We were blessed to have had you intimately with our family for eight months.

    I sincerely hope our friendship will continue across the miles.

    with Big Big huggs , Cath xo



    Just a note to thank you for the gift of care you gave our mum. Mum had a strong belief in God, but your kindness and thoughtfullness walking mum through the physical side of cancer, gave her such comfort. The dynamics of a family that is dealing with terminal illness is not easy. but you always did it with grace and a smile on your face. If i needed cheering up I always got a hug from you. Mum cared deeply about who you were and was so appreciative of your care and support. you were there to hold her hand and talk to her when we couldn't.

    Thank you for your gift!


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